Breitling Transocean Chronograph RB0152 Mens Automatic 43 MM White Dial


Brand: Breitling
Range: Transocean Chronograph
Model: RB0152
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case Size: 43 MM
Case Material: Rose Gold
Bracelet Material: Crocodile – Brown
Dial Colors: White dial


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Case Size


Case Material

Rose Gold

Dial Colors


3 reviews for Breitling Transocean Chronograph RB0152 Mens Automatic 43 MM White Dial

  1. MaHennyfur

    This is a very beautiful and fine timepiece. However, I know that there are no Movado “AUTHORIZED” dealers on the internet, according to Movado, themselves. In order for a Movado to be covered by warranty, it must be accompanied by an official warranty card, embossed by a Movado authorized dealer, NO EXCEPTIONS. A Movado bought through the internet may not be authentic, or warranteed, if you do not have the original warranty card, embossed with dealers name, then signed by the dealer, with original purchase date and model number. Buyers BEWARE !

  2. MmYAR

    Read the description of this product! The Men’s 18k Gold Rolex Yachtmaster II DOES NOT include a yacht with the purchase. While I’ve never been one for reading the fine print, even in this instance, nowhere is it specified that the watch doesn’t come with a yacht. One would assume that spending the equivalent of a school teacher’s yearly salary would obviously mean a Yachtmaster is delivered aboard an actual yacht. Alas, I was duped.With my voyage already planned and bags packed, imagine my surprise when my watch arrived the standard 7-10 business days later (courtesy of free shipping), yet not attached to a sailing vessel of any kind. Instead, I’ve been forced to wear this sailor hat everywhere, and when people ask if I’m a boat captain, I must lie, point to my watch, and say “This is a Men’s 18k Gold Rolex Yachtmaster II. Of course I am. Do you think they give these to just anyone?!”While the watch is nice, it is a sizable amount of money for what is honestly nothing more than jewelry for your hand. If I want to know what time it is, I look at my phone. Suffice it to say I am disappointed to learn I wasn’t also buying a yacht. So a warning: Do not purchase this watch if you have expectations of receiving a yacht with it. The name of the watch is solely a ruse to separate you from your money.

  3. UhKatherine McLean

    I think this is a classy TAG Heuer watch! The price is phenomenal and very much worth it. I first thought maybe it would be too masculine. When I wore it with dressy clothes and causual it seemed to go with everything! It is a great personal piece of jewelry or a great gift.

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