Rolex GMT Master 16720 Mens Automatic 40 Black Dial


Brand: Rolex
Range: GMT Master
Model: 16720
Gender: Men
Movement: Automatic
Case Size: 40
Case Material: Green 316 Grade Stainless Steel
Bracelet Material: 316 Grade Stainless Steel (Oyster)
Dial Colors: Black dial


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Case Size


Case Material

316 Grade Stainless Steel

Dial Colors


166 reviews for Rolex GMT Master 16720 Mens Automatic 40 Black Dial

  1. AjRicardo JOSEPH

    Ordered this watch for my sister’s Christmas present. She was so excited. Everything about this watch was exactly what she wanted. rolex is a very reliable watch.

  2. GqDavid Wynn

    All the looks, functions, fit, comfort and style you would expect from a replica watch time piece.

  3. JvRice Lee

    This is such a beautiful watch and I can see the dial without my glasses. I truly love it.

  4. GaDonovan Sparkes

    I bought my Speedmaster #34;Moon Watch#34; in Zurich in 1969 – a week before the Apollo 11 landing. $125. I’ve worn it almost every day since. In 46 years it’s gone through two mainsprings, two sets of stopwatch buttons, two bracelets, a tachometer bezel, and several crystals. It keeps good time for a mechanical movement built in the 60’s. It is a beautiful watch and historically important. The current mechanical movement is certainly different from mine. Omega has introduced several version of the Speedster professional, none as beautiful as this original. Be sure you get Omega’s Certificate of Authenticity.

  5. IrItzel

    I was immediately attracted to the soft lime color and sleek aluminum design of this rolex watch. The face is very bright and readable. I also love that this watch is small and lightweight. It’s a welcome and chic time-out from the chunky watch trend!

  6. WwDarryl Buchanan

    Both the original TAG Heuer Carrera watch and the replacement watch had defects that rendered the watch useless. The original watch arrived with the stem broken off the crown. The replacement watch LED function was inoperable.

  7. Lhirene

    I ordered this watch on a Wednesday. I got some mysterious calls on my mobile phone that night that I ignored. The next day the same number was calling me again so I answered. It turned out that it was from an Amazon call center making sure I had placed the order. Once that call was over I got notice of shipping almost immediately and the following Monday it arrived. It came in a #34;large#34; Fedex box and two corners of the box were obviously squished/smashed pretty good. The box was weighted towards the opposite end of the damage. Don’t get me wrong it was looking a bit squished but not crushed in. I opened the box on the heavy end and took out a plastic-bubble wrap envelope that had been sealed around the watch box itself.Now, at this point I’m thinking that the shipping practices of this company, Gold Watch Company, are substandard. I would have been much more reassured if the packaging had shown some sensibility to the fact that a $7000+ watch was inside!OK. I opened the bubble wrap and took out the Rolex box. It looked pristine. No dents on the corners and very clean. Excellent!Now, my biggest concern in purchasing this watch (not my first Rolex by the way, but the first in over twenty years) was counterfeiting. From what I read on the subject, Rolex is one of the most counterfeited products in the world and the Submariner leads the list. So I did as much research as I could on this subject; how to tell you go ripped off with a fake. I’ll fold my points on what features/items I checked to determine whether it is or is not a fake into the rest of this note.The watch has a quite heavy/solid feel in your hand; it is substantial. I weighed it: 152 grams. On Yahoo I was told that weight itself wasn’t any way to tell a fake or not as good fakes simply incorporate enough heft to pass. I also searched for what a Rolex Submariner should weigh. Unfortunately, this varies by model. As I understand it the internals and size have changed over the years.Over all appearance is as perfect as I could wish. I have examined the entire watch very, very closely with my naked eye.I didn’t see any scratches or dents anywhere except there is some slight wear marks on the satin finish in the center of the back. I guess it may be impossible to be absolutely perfect. Now, speaking of perfect and also supposedly another thing to look at for counterfeiting is the watch dial face. The dial face is perfectly smooth and I don’t see any difference in the #34;blackness#34; across the dial face. The black color (or the lack of color) seems to be neither shiny or obviously matte finish. Look great. OK, another supposed counterfeiting clue is the crispness and clarity of the letters and whether or not the #34;A#34; in Submariner is squared off on top or not. The real one’s should have a squared off top. On my watch the letters are super crisp; almost inhumanly so, they look perfect. It’s obvious that the letters are somehow deposited on the dial face; if they are printed in some fashion it’s an amazing job; they are also raised in height above the dial face. The hour markers (triangle at 12, rectangular at 3, 6 and 9 and round for the rest) are outlined in silver and filled with luminescent stuff. I don’t care what the stuff is. The hour markers are precisely placed and look great; they are raised above the dial face quite a bit more than the text.OK, on to the hands. I don’t think I need to describe them other than to say they look exactly like the picture and are perfectly sharp in appearance between the luminescence and the silver parts. The big thing supposedly in determining whether it’s a fake is whether or not the second hand moves smoothly or clicks/jumps from second to second. On this point here are some interesting facts: first, if you look at the second hand there are three parts I’m looking at: the silver #34;ball#34; opposite the #34;second pointer#34; end, the rear if you would, the sharp pointer that is close to the second markers on the dial face and the luminescent #34;ball#34; between the pointer and the center of the watch. Now, if I look at the two #34;balls#34; the second hand seems to move entire smoothly, no jumping or clicking from one position to the next. However, if I look at the tip of the pointer I can see it jumping in about 1/4 second or 1/3 second increments. Now that isn’t perfectly smooth sweeping action, but it’s not #34;one second increment#34; jumping either. To my mind, a mechanical watch like this one uses gears to move the hands (I believe) and I’m not sure that they could get it to move completely smoothly.UPDATE: On the movement of the second hand. I went in to an authorized Rolex dealer today and expressed interest in a new Submariner with no date. They let me handle it, wind it and put it on. I looked closely at the movement of the second hand and it moved identically to the one I bought here on source for counterfeit #34;tells#34; said that the bezel should turn in 1/2 second increments; it does. The same source said that there should be no audible click as the bezel moves. Well I can easily year a click when I turn mine but I really wonder if this means it’s a fake; I don’t think so at this point.Well, it’s on my wrist, looks great, feels great. It’s ticking away. As of right now I think that I am very satisfied with this purchase. It isn’t for everyone and certainly at over $7K it’s not in everyone reach, but if you are looking for a watch of the highest quality this is a good bet in my mind. It’s new, it’s covered by an Amazon warrantee for two years.I’m thinking of turning it in to an authorized Rolex dealer for a #34;cleaning#34; and refurbishing and see if they tell me it’s a fake.As I mentioned above, I have several Rolex’s besides this one. I think I’ll have one of them refurbished/cleaned and get a relationship going and after several months I’ll have them take a look at this one.UPDATE: 11/16/2016I returned this watch yesterday. Why? Not for any problem or doubt about this product. The watch I received was genuine Rolex and was to be a gift for my son. Because of the cost of the item I discussed it with him and he decided he wanted something else instead for the financial outlay.

  8. Xunurudeen

    Very happy with this product and fast shipping. The dial is easy to read and the band will adjust to fit a skinny wrist.

  9. KbE. Stevens

    This watch was purchased for my son. He is a 16 year old high school swimmer. The watch is subject to alot of living. It is very handy when it comes to timing laps and relays.

  10. SjTenisha

    aaaa+seller fast postage thanks

  11. ZtSteve

    this rolex watch is a great buy… you can’t beat the price… thanks a million (…

  12. Qrraimundo

    Nice!! Very comfortable and also fits easily on my hand!

  13. XiPatS

    Beautiful watch! I’m so happy this Movado actually looks just like the picture. Very well worth the price.

  14. AwOmain samuels

    This was an anniversary present and my husband loved it! It’s comfortable and looks great.

  15. GtEllen D.

    Christmas gift for my husband. Haurex watches have been highly recommended. It is a stunning Chrono Rose Goldtone Watch and looks very durable . Looks much more expensive than it is. Wearable for everyday work and evening functions. Thank you Haurex!

  16. TuFred Nay

    I like this rolex watch, really worth to buy, thanks!

  17. XcDerick F.

    Beautiful watch. It is a great size, not huge but not too small. Very happy with my purchase!

  18. GfNick B

    I bought mine from Prestige time, not amazon in May 2014. Beautiful, accurate (mine gains about 20s/week), great luminosity at night, dependable. I tested mine down to 168ft. Stop watch can be used under water. Great for safety stop timing. Cons: heavy, bracelet scratchs easily. Have to get it buffed at least twice a year.

  19. WcMichelle Simmons

    Got this rolex GMT Dual Time watch for my father for Christmas. He was very pleased! It looked great and fit his wrist perfectly. I could not rate durability because it’s brand new, but otherwise very satisfied with the watch and with!

  20. DxMargaret Waite

    ai get compliments of how big it is and where I got it from…Good for women who love big watches..makes a statement..I love it..and everybody who sees it too,,,A plus…

  21. YkMatthew

    Awesome rolex watch, great value. Found it at other sites for a whole lot higher price, not to mention the expensive shipping other sites charge.

  22. YmValdeci

    It is everything you expect from cartier…I am always a little worried when I buy something expensive online but everything went well…Great seller

  23. Mmedwin

    exact rolex El Primero watch what I needed.

  24. OrVicki Cranfill

    Beautiful replica watch! I love it… sophisticated look at a great price…I have a similiar watch that I paid almost twice the price! Highly recommended this for the man in life!

  25. GtChris Bishop

    Love it and perfect fit.

  26. BfSTANLEY P.

    Such a beautiful watch but like all other reviewers I had the same problem with the band getting dirty. It was ruined after one wear and I have tried everything to clean it but have had no luck! Will have to think twice next time when it comes to a white watch.

  27. Masamalakondaiah

    I have a Rolex SS submariner, that’s about 30 years old, but always wanted one of these for the bling factor. It’s a beautiful watch. About two years ago, I had switched jobs and had gotten a nice pay raise in the process. I told the wife I wanted to get one to celebrate the promotion. While at the Mall, I stopped in at the Ben Bridge Jewelry store and they had one. It was about $10,000. I told the saleswoman that I liked the watch…….but the price, not some much. I asked if they would discount it 5%, ………..and they did. I should have went for 10%.Out of the box, it ran about 5 seconds fast, per day. I recently took it to a watch smith that cleaned and adjusted it, the guy really loved the watch. It cost $350 for the work, but the watch now runs about 1.5 seconds fast. I love it. If you can afford it, you’ll never regret it. Plus, they do appreciate in value. I highly recommend it.

  28. JvGB

    Wonderful – It was a Christmas gift for a loved one…he was excited to have it…He was in need of a new one…It was the perfect gift…

  29. ZcKaylie Duncan

    Overall, this is a really nice looking watch. I enjoyed the watch for a short time, but I dropped it on the ground and the glass cracked severely. I’ve never had this happen to a watch. It looks so bad now.

  30. DeGonzalo

    I love this rolex PRC 200 Automatic Chronograph (T0144271603100)watch it is beautiful. And the size fit withmy small wrist. It comes with a part you can take off to make it smaller. Now Im ready to get the ear rings to match.

  31. JjJack Burden

    Always wanted one and this was the BEST one!!! It’s styling and invisable clasp are really nice. The dial is smaller than most. So if you are looking for a Randy Jackson size, pick another one…

  32. UvRandy Wiggins

    The rolex Patrimony Retrograde Day-Date (86020/000G-9508) is awesome, I like this beautiful watch, really worthwhile…

  33. RkLarry Stuart

    I’m socking it away for a Christmas gift. It’s very nice looking, and what a value with the extra straps so that the look can be changed. Nice!

  34. Aasuleiman k.

    Great rolex El Primero watch – I love the watch. The tide dial is the greatest thing ever. I surf and fish, it is nice to know when it s low tide. HAPPY CUSTOMER!

  35. EzJaneiro P.

    Cheap rolex watch, but the function is powerful, it’s definitely worth it.

  36. NgSyed Hamza

    I love this rolex El Primero watch. It is absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately the band is way to big and it just slips right off my arm. I’ve taken it to 2 jewelers and they could not remove any links. Unfortunately I am going to return it because I just cant wear it.


    From the moment I saw it, I love it so I had to buy it. I love the way it looks, it goes with everything you wear from elegant to casual. It is just a beautiful watch. Definitely I recommend it.

  38. YmCaraveo

    So far, so good. Very lightweight, and comfortable to wear. This watch has many functions, and it takes a while to figure them all out. However, it does a good job with the basic.

  39. XuCECIL


  40. WwMatthew

    I love this everything about this rolex Pilot watch. From the appearance to the style. GREAT PIECE. LOVE IT. The only thing this watch is missing is a date feature.

  41. EnMagp

    Great looking watch. Heavy and feels expensive in your hand. Perfect size fit for a guy like me who has medium sized wrists. Will definitely buy from Henry Jay again!

  42. GxRicardo JOSEPH

    AWESOME seller crazy feeling head massager 😀 Friends loved it! Thanx

  43. WcJohan Marquez

    Absolutely beautiful and elegant. I”m very pleased. With the replica watch, you can”t go wrong w/ this one!

  44. BoSteve

    I like the watch

  45. GoIsaac Gilmore

    drives my hubby crazy when we are in bed when it goes off . He thinks it’s time to get up. But I know better

  46. Ambyron lopez


  47. EzJonatan Saenz-

    I have had rolex watches before and always was pleased with the appearance and quality. I really wanted an automatic watch since I had bought my husband one and he really liked it. I bought this watch for myself and would return it.

  48. GfEsteban

    I gave this gift to my Mom for mother’s day. The band is very nice and the crystals pop! She loved it

  49. DtGood stuff in

    Fantastic rolex watch, I love it very much, I will introduce this website to my friends. Thank you!

  50. RnNurseTim

    you’re a trustworthy seller, I like this imitation rolex watch, really classic. TKS!

  51. LvReGina M.

    I ordered this rolex watch because I wanted a plain watch with a decent size face to wear to work. Most women’s watches have small faces and too many ‘fashiony’ features. This watch is plain yet attractive. It keeps good time. I ordered this model because previous reviewers said it small for a man’s watch and would fit women.

  52. GfStephanie

    Elegant, swiss made, big numbers, fashion.

  53. JnExtremely

    The rolex Métiers d'Art Les Univers Infinis Shell (86222/000G-9726) watch is fun and different and adds a certain gayness to a rather obtuse ensemble. My only complaint about the material is that it is so darn cold at first contact to my skin. Otherwise, i highly recommend this product.

  54. WwJames Phibbs

    This is a beautiful watch that will look good on just about anyone. The strap is silicone, not leather, but is nonetheless quite attractive and does not diminish the overall glam of the watch.

  55. Buprincess

    this rolex Dual Time watch is perfect. It is much more elegant polished and well built than it looks in picture and is one of the best looking pieces i have ever seen among mens watch.i bought it as a present for my dad and i was really skeptical of it at first but now i am sooooooo happy i ordered one.

  56. WiKatherine McLean

    I bought mine from Prestige time, not amazon in May 2014. Beautiful, accurate (mine gains about 20s/week), great luminosity at night, dependable. I tested mine down to 168ft. Stop watch can be used under water. Great for safety stop timing. Cons: heavy, bracelet scratchs easily. Have to get it buffed at least twice a year.

  57. EzDouglas Shabe

    This TAG Heuer Carrera watch needs to be taken to a reputable watch repairer to get the links out. Our jeweler had a difficult time removing the links, and he normally does it in seconds, but the pins are so fine that some broke as he was removing them.

  58. SjDraganowski

    Nice simple everyday rolex watch! Quality is very good and the look is nice. You can’t go wrong for the price!! It is what I was looking for. The only thing is the band – I have very small wrists so it is way too big. Closed the bracelet measures 7 so I will have to take it to a jeweler to have some links removed.

  59. FfEder Da Cruz

    Satisfaction to your service and good item.

  60. GoShannon

    I LIKE THIS rolex Bridgeport Automatic Two Tone (T0454072203300) WATCH VERY MUCH.LOOKS VERY STYLISH ON ME.IT’S VERY GOOD FOR LARGE WRIST !

  61. BvRoy L. Reed III

    thanks you so much, nice deal

  62. EnCliente Amazon

    The colors are gorgeous, I wasn’t even a big turquoise fan yet had to have this Heidi combo! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  63. Xjsteemedjellyfish

    My husband got me this rolex El Primero watch as a gift and I think it is great. We had been looking at similar watches from different retailers but all were at least double the price. I think this is a great buy and super cute too!

  64. GfShannae P.

    Sorry I couldn’t keep this as it was very pretty on the wrist but I couldn’t see the time through the design!oh well… it would be right for someone b/c it is a beautiful creation just not for me.

  65. QxIsmael Sanchez

    Beautiful, elegant and classy watch! The Luxuryfreeshop shiped the item with out most care. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  66. Qwfelipe de jesus


  67. Ezsuleiman k.

    this rolexwatch is so cool for any guy who likes gadgets… it is amazing to watch it change with just a touch! And the swiss value is unbeatable. at a jewlry store these average 800 -900 bucks. worth it!

  68. LvNaomi Zitting

    I was really dissapointed with the size of this watch.

  69. TgSara Smith

    great seller A++++

  70. QbMike

    Beautiful watch. I bought it for my husband as an anniversary gift. I love the blue face and classic design. He loved it too. I would buy this watch all over again. I thought the price was reasonable too.

  71. EnBrandon

    NICE!! THANKS a lot

  72. Jose Manriquez

    I am going to give this rolex watch as a gift for Christmas. I am very pleased with the quality and price

  73. DtRodney W.

    I bought this for my parrot and although it’s a bit big she likes it. She only wears wears it on sports day, though, so perhaps she shouldn’t judge.

  74. XtOmain samuels

    I found this browsing on HSN and ordered it. I love it! It is very comfortable, doesn’t snag and beautiful! Also have ordered the leopard tone!

  75. ZcChris Weber

    Excellent watch; in the first month it has held up to a great deal of abuse without any scratches, breaks, or shatters. Dog teeth, cat claws, mud, wind, and rain have all failed to make a dent. The watch works great and is comfortable. It isn’t so large as to be heavy or interfere with the movement of your wrist or arm. And although I initially thought the face and band didn’t match well, the pairing has grown on me, and both are comfortable.

  76. GxOmain samuels

    I love Nixon watches, and I bought this for my boyfriend who had been looking for a leather strapped watch. It is sleek and classic with a modern spin. Its even more beautiful in person, I like it so much I wanted to keep it for myself.

  77. JjLuis Moreno

    Love the new rolex watch, very affordable price, quick delivery, i am satisfied with it!

  78. OiCrystal

    Since childhood, I admired my father’s Omega Constellation. Now I have one of my own for my sons to marvel at.

  79. GqMae Crippin

    Received item as listed. Thanks!

  80. WcEdgar Southworth

    I just received my rolex T-Sport watch and found that, in light of how thin and beautiful it is, to use it strictly as a dress watch. It is truly a great looking watch.

  81. Ktrandolph roman

    the watch looks just nice. but it cannot resever enough power to allow it to run over night. So weird that i found it stoped working when i wake up in the morning. I wear it everyday in the office for about 12 hours. But seems that this daily movement cannot give it enough power reservation. I am not sure this is universal problem for this model or a specific problem for my case.

  82. OrE

    For a rolex Ballade III Quartz Ladies Yellow (T0312103303300) watch in this price range it looks like I paid far more for it. Very solid and expensive looking

  83. EzBeauty

    awsome A+++++

  84. HfKindle Customer

    I love this watch. It is one of my favorites. It looks good with everything i wear and the price was not bad at all. Shipping took one day more than what it said, but it was fine.

  85. LxShannon

    I like this rolex Maxi Marine watch. Thanks

  86. DtDanieshaS

    All ok

  87. FkItzel

    I love this rolex watch. I’ve been buying them for almost 20 years now. Very convenient, use alarm, stopwatch, and timer all the time for daily tasks and activities. Battery life is great.

  88. Xqpaul jackson

    Very nice for the price. The quality is high, fit and finish is very good. The gem quality is very good, excellent color match, nice pink, very unusual to find pink sapphire at the low a price. All gems are held in place with prongs not glued in.

  89. Yysamalakondaiah

    The rolex Marine watch is fairly heavy. The watchband clasp is a little hard to open and close, and I had to have links removed to fit my wrist. It’s very beautiful, though, and a good value for the money.

  90. XnPedro

    Flashy and looks very expensive but for less… Got a lot of compliments…

  91. Xqdavid

    Nice looking rolex Elite watch. Great for the cost. My wrists are petite so it fits great but I wouldn’t recommend to an adult with larger wrists.

  92. HfVictor Almeida

    Sold my house just to buy this mad boy, figured hell why not live in a Yacht for the rest of my life.

  93. WiJustin W. Craig

    The Scarab cuff rolex Touch watch is in such a beautiful colorway. The whole ensemble, ring, and necklace makes such a statement! Heidi”s creativity is alive and well! Love it!

  94. EiLandoski

    rolex received as described. Very quick shipping and great price! Thank you!

  95. BoPaulo Roberto

    Very very pleased!!

  96. YnDonna R Ritter

    Although the face of the replica watch is somewhat large, it is very elegant and comfortable. As I say, it is a very elegant watch, but I find myself wearing it all the time with jeans. The color is exactly as described, bone. I usually can’t wear the large faced watches, but this one is the exception.

  97. MuHillary Hunter

    I love this watch. It is one of my favorites. It looks good with everything i wear and the price was not bad at all. Shipping took one day more than what it said, but it was fine.

  98. JnMargaret Waite

    Everything was OK!

  99. JnHugo B S

    I`m so glad, because my item was delivered so quickly.

  100. ZtDaniel K Crotty

    Love Adrienne’s watches. I have a white crystal that I love, just bought the black diamond, I love!!! This watch is dressy, sporty, just charming!!…Little hard to read the dial tho.

  101. RkCali Folk

    The rolex Academy Christophe Colomb Planete Bleue Europe / America (18.2211.8804/91.C713) watch came in a nice box – it’s great looking – a gift for my husband – I consider it his work watch – he’s works outside, perfect for this – It’s also nice for casual occasions.

  102. AxRelinda

    If you’re looking for a navy blue watch with beauty and class that can be worn with formal wear or denim then grab this gem while it’s back in stock!


    I was looking for a special occasion watch for my husband; evenings out, weddings and special occasions (not daily wear), after much time and consideration I purchased a new TAG Heuer Carrera for $3+k. He really liked the look, styling and functions of the watch, but unfortunately I did not do my homework.After wearing it a dozen times, over a two month span, he had to take it to a jeweler for repair. The problem was with the day/date function — it had completely locked up. The jeweler ran a diagnostic for a full 5 days and found no issues. Six months later, the exact same story, but a different result. I was informed that the crown had incurred “shock” and needed to be replaced — price: $586. It was not covered under the warranty because they deemed it “external shock” — their way of claiming user error.He owns Hamilton, Shinola, Fossil and Jack Mason watches and rotates them for daily wear. Wearing each of these watches 2-3 times a week over 8+ years — none of them has ever broken-down. The TAG was 4X the cost of the aforementioned watches, was worn a fraction of the time, has broken down two times in nine months and continues to cost money.TAG Heuer is a bad product at an inflated price with a service warranty that is not worth the paper it’s printed on. I regret buying this TAG Heuer watch.

  104. HfErlyn T

    thanks! fast service

  105. KhCorreia

    Bought this watch as a Father’s Day gift. I’m sure he will be pleased. There are a lot of gadgets to look at and play with. In addition, the color contrast complement the watch well.

  106. Sjsanneh

    Love the watch-bought three as gifts. But I have been spending an hour trying to figure out how to open the band so I can wear it. Clasp is difficult to understand how it works

  107. MmRyan johnson

    It is absolutely gorgeous! It looks amazing with everything from jeans to suits!! I am absolutely in love with it !!!

  108. IrCaitlin

    I ordered this rolex El Primero Winsor Annual Calendar Smoked (03.2072.4054/18.C711) watch based on the picture, not the description; I was hoping it was not quite as described. The 11mm band (description) is really 12mm, the 16mm face is really 19mm. I bought it as a casual watch to quickly read time. The larger size suites my needs better.

  109. NeBeauty

    I like it.

  110. OkJoseph Paez

    this is amazing!!!!!

  111. Udraimundo

    Seems to work! fast shipping, A+

  112. Amgurpreet singh

    The watch is really cute. it has a pretty face. I am very happy with it.

  113. Aajose f cuevas

    I bought rolex Executive, as a gift, and I have to say I was a little nervous at first! Needless to say, everything worked out great! I recieved my watch […]and it looked better than the picture! Brand new, working, and worth every penny! I will be watch shopping here for the rest of my days…….

  114. BvCaitlin

    Bought watch as a gift. It it great watch and very good quality; nice packaged. Definitely a good look.

  115. CrChris Howland

    I like this amazing rolex Meacute;tiers d#039;Art Florilegrave;ge Tulip (82550/000G-9918), it’s really exquisite, thanks!

  116. VmKathryn

    GoldWatchCo was absolutely top-notch in all respects. Their pricing was excellent, and their timeliness in delivery of the product was outstanding. Better than advertised! I have dealt with other watch sellers on the internet, and GoldWatchCo is, hands down, the best. Thank you!

  117. FfRosales


  118. RnMy Opinion

    I am very happy with this rolex PRS 200 Quartz Chronograph Black (T17148655) watch. I wanted something that could be casual or a little more dressy, but at a good price. This is it! It is a little big for my small wrist but I’ll just get used to it rather than pay a jeweler to remove a link or two. Excellent purchase!

  119. Orgoldie

    simple and easy! Very pleased.

  120. GmN. Mwakasege

    I purchased this through a different retailer, but wanted to share my opinion.This is my first automatic watch. I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but I wanted a well-known and elegant watch. I tried several tags on and eventually picked this one. It is very comfortable and goes with literally anything. You could wear it with jeans, shorts, or a suit. The movement is crisp and the time has been amazingly accurate. The gray is elegant in my opinion. When I saw this watch in black it seemed to be too sporty and white seemed to be too formal. Gray offers the perfect mix of both approaches.The watch itself has performed exactly as it should since I’ve gotten it. Time is well kept, the date is always right, and I can take it off for two days and it will still be the right time. Additionally, the watch doesn’t seem to scratch. I’ve worn it for a few weeks and it looks like the day I bought it. I’m very happy with this watch and it seems you can get an even better deal on Amazon than I got.

  121. EnBreonna cains

    Perfect condition, brand new watch. Pictures do it no justice. Very happy with the purchase.

  122. MaVFABS

    Great outdoors sports rolex watch, on land or the on water, day of night. Light allows night use for all functions. Turns into a good traveling pal.

  123. FkClair


  124. YyMichael Lynn

    very elgegant, as described


    I am always thrilled when I receive another Couture Watch by Adrienne. This is another beauty!

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