Rolex GMT Master II 116710 LN Mens Automatic 40 MM Black Dial


Brand: Rolex
Range: GMT Master II
Model: 116710 LN
Gender: Mens
Movement: Automatic
Case Size: 40 MM
Case Material: 316 Grade Stainless Steel
Bracelet Material: 316 Grade Stainless Steel (OysterLock)
Dial Colors: Black


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Case Size


Case Material

316 Grade Stainless Steel

Dial Colors


165 reviews for Rolex GMT Master II 116710 LN Mens Automatic 40 MM Black Dial

  1. OrWill

    its a cute watch, its way big, the only thing is it gets dirty way fast.

  2. TuOliveira


  3. AdMike

    I was pretty excited after I ordered the product and saw that the very next day the same item was listed again for $600 more. The package arrived and I was really impressed with the packaging that Omega has for this type of watch. A beautiful outer box and inside a large wood presentation box of very high quality materials. What impressed me most was the watch itself. It really is a beautiful watch and worth every penny. You can tell the quality and heft of the product. The entire presentation, look and feel is much better than I expected and better than I get on my Rolex. What I also really like is the size. I was a bit concerned, but 40 mm is the perfect size. Unless you have an extremely large wrist and hand this size is perfect. Even if you do, a watch that is of this size on a wrist looks much better than a larger watch on a small wrist. I set it to the exact second and after 24 hours not one second difference. I know that the real test will be after a week and if something changes I will be sure to add to this review. You can’t go wrong with this watch!

  4. Tahermy991

    Bought the watch for $60k with no tax from a guy at our companies anual yacht convention out in Monaco. Turns heads as I walk down rodeo drive. I did notice something peculiar. Instead of saying Rolex, it says Invicta so I’m not sure if maybe it was a typo from Rolex on my specific watch.

  5. OhVicki Cranfill

    This rolex Métiers d'Art watch is very nice, it’s definitely worth recommending, 5 stars!

  6. Charles EC Smith

    Having already purchased the Tank Americane, I figured why not buy the matching set? But this one, I don’t know. It seems like the diamonds aren’t set as well. I sometimes worry that I’m going to knock it too hard on one of my vintage bottles of Mccormik vodka and lose a gem. Can you imagine that? Losing a gem and ruining the watch that’s as valuable as my Toyota Camry? I contacted Cartier, but apparently they do not accept collect calls. Oh well. Least I has swag for the time being.

  7. GfJoanette Rosario

    I was interested because it was free. The chapters are so short and the descriptions so superficial, I’m not sure a reader gains anything beyond the name of several brands of watches. But hey, it’s free. That’s why 2 stars and not one.

  8. Endavid

    Just received my rolex Dual Time in black and purple today and I have to say that this one is a BEAST!Couldnt ask for a better made product! I paid for the 2 day shipping and UpReplica got it here in 1 business day! Now that folks, is excellent service!Thank you UpReplica… I will definitely be ordering again in the near future!

  9. BoElijah

    I loved it !!! Great service getting it to me on time and it’s a nice watch

  10. BaNancy

    Simply Beautiful!

  11. UdSolorzano-

    I bought this watch just before I joined the US Navy in 1968. I’m still wearing it and it’s still keeping excellent time 48 years later. Not many watches will last half a century. Great watch!

  12. DxMascarenhas


  13. AwMallard

    splendid rolex Marine Chronograph White Dial Automatic Men’s 1503-150-60! I like it very much, and the price is reasonable, Thank you!

  14. ExOmain samuels

    Even if I won the powerball lottery, I still couldnt see myself spending $40,000 on a watch. I can get a nice 84 inch flat screen and pay some beautiful bimbo to give me full body massages for a full month and put much needed lotion on my ashy feet and ankles. Wonder if this watch is shipped with Armed guards. I just cant see this watched being delivered by some shady UPS delivery driver. Already had a driver tried to rip me off saying he delivered a package and I was doing yard work all day in the front yard.

  15. EnRed in Tampa

    Update 2-11-18 More time has passed and my satisfaction with the watch continues to grow; it is gratifying to me to simply look at the watch on my arm, I am so pleased with its appearance and operation that it is a joy to wear and to watch its competent functioning. It is keeping excellent time and shows a loss of only a few seconds each day; it is truly a fine watch.Update 2-3-18 I have researched the watch and discovered some interesting questions about locating the serial number. In checking the literature sent with the watch I noticed the small tag attached to the watch identified the serial number as a series of nine letters which are repeated on the case of the watch. I also looked up the barcode and the first three numbers indicated Switzerland to be the country of origin and accurately identified this watch specifically. I#34;m satisfied this is an authentic watch from rolex.I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but to me this is an elegant and beautiful watch and the nicest I have ever owned; it was delivered this afternoon and impressed me greatly right out of the box. I have reset the time and date and it seems to be operating perfectly. I had felt some concern for its authenticity but after seeing the watch and its packaging my concerns have all disappeared; to me it looks and feels like the excellent quality I would expect from rolex..Sadly the Certificate of Authenticity had been removed by the seller and on contacting them I was told they reserved the right to do that if they wanted to. I see in at least one other case shown under comments the seller left the document for the buyer. The watch itself strongly indicates the authenticity I had hoped for from the rolex brand so I’m not all that troubled by the seller’s decision.The user manual is tiny and limited in information; a better copy is available online as a PDF file; I’ve downloaded the file and suggest you might want to consider that option as well.

  16. MaKevin Truong

    This was a waste of money. I haven’t worn it very many times and stones are already missing. Missing even one stone ruins the look.

  17. ZjLM Flight

    Fast delivery! Very pleased! Good seller!

  18. ExSeth B

    The timepiece is perfect for those who prefer bangle style watch bands. The gold and stainless contrast along with the diamonds frame a lovely style for any occasion.

  19. QbKody Locke

    My wife got this for me on our anniversary. Its a great looking watch, very solid and well built. One thing to watch out for; the band is very solid and well put together. If you have to resize it only take it to a jeweler that knows what they are doing with Movado Pin and collar bracelets (the pins are notched). The place I took it to has been around for 40 years and still managed to mangle the link and pin. They replaced the parts but it is not an easy band to resize. Also when setting date, first set the watch to midnight, then set the date, then set the correct time, other wise it changes date at the time you set it. Crony is standard and works well.

  20. GfJack Cavaluzzi

    Ease of operation and appearance.

  21. MaDonnaPatton

    great watch love it looks amazing fits well and its light weight

  22. HbKassandra

    Bought this rolex watch for my wife and she loves it! Great to wear at work or play and at a great price!

  23. JjMinpon

    Very handsome, rugged watch – I bought this rolex watch for my husband and he absolutely loves it. It is rugged yet still sleek and handsome.

  24. QvLyne-Somara

    Great presents and I kept one for Myself for Personal Use and enjoyed it!

  25. HfZathan Bark

    the product and delivery is what’s most important

  26. GmSTANLEY P.


  27. MmWilton Paniagua

    I love this timepiece. It’s elegant, classy and above all Wearable. It simply goes with Everything!

  28. LhDelia Vázquez

    The compliments have not stopped! Love my Mystical Serpent watch. I normally don’t even wear one. I would love to see Heidi Daus provide some silver-toned jewelry instead of just the bronze-tone. It would definitely make me buy MORE!

  29. EnStefanie Smith

    Great rolex PRC 200 Quartz Chronograph Lady Rose Roman (T0552171603302) watch, I love it, it looks fancy and really more expensive than the actual price.

  30. BzPablo Carrillo

    Awsome rolex PRC 200 Quartz Chronograph Yellow Hand (T17152652), would buy from again!! A+

  31. Rkjosh wells

    I found this rolex watch to be very delicate and feminine looking. It was a great value as I purchased it. Pleased with all three. This particular watch is a bracelet style and I did have it reduced in size.

  32. Ammarcos

    Fast, great seller, good value for money

  33. EiHarbour

    okay, i haven’t worn this timepiece yet so can’t speak to its functionality, but i almost don’t care – it’s GORGEOUS! from strap to stem. thanks diane!

  34. Cusamalakondaiah

    The watch is beautiful, although, my friend had to have a link added to get the perfect fit. The watch may be a little small for a large guy, be prepared to have it sized.

  35. MmMagp

    rolex T-Sport watch. It has a lot of sparkle. I don”t mind the lack of crystals on the back because it doesn”t show. I ordered the M/L size and it sits nicely on my wrist and does not turn.

  36. LvMascarenhas

    I’ve had this watch for about 6 months now and I absolutely LOVE it! I’ve not had any problems with it since…. the face of the watch was a bit bigger than anticipated but not a deal breaker for me. The watch is also very easy to clean because of the material that the bands are made of and it also has managed to keep working after being splashed a few times with water (which I guess validates its designation as water resistant). Very satisfied with my purchase

  37. MtDiane

    The rolex 1972 Prestige (33172/000G-9775) watch is great! The watch band should be recalled. It will last maybe two years and hopefully you won’t lose the watch when it breaks.

  38. MuJohnny

    Absolutely beautiful! It is a light weight (without band), elegant and simple.

  39. Lhsamalakondaiah

    good production,love it

  40. VmSTANLEY P.

    Works as expected.

  41. NlSamuel

    I love how the strap looks very brilliant and shiny on my wrist. It is very sleek and classy. Would definitely recommend this product.

  42. MmLisa Messer

    Been wanting this watch for years and finally saved up enough to buy it. I’m certainly glad I did because it’s exactly what I wanted. Beautiful watch and receives many compliments. Purchased direct from Amazon and had great service.

  43. OiRodriguez

    I have lots of watche, they are favorites, but this one is special. It is comfortable on my wrist and I have worn it almost every day since I received it. You will not go wrong with this watch. Thank you HSN and Noir.

  44. PfMinpon

    Love, the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Tourbillon Heuer-02T (CAR5A8Y.FC6377) watch. Works great, can get of a few minutes, but over all as long as you are wearing it, it works great! Have gotten lots of complements.

  45. Tafelipe de jesus

    Purchased another rolex Caprice Black Dial 18kt Rose Gold Diamond Black Stingray Ladies 136-91AC-06-02 for use in the military (I have another for personal use). Outstanding durability, many functions to assist me. Recommend this watch or the Advizor to military personnel, especially Infantryman.

  46. BaLiz Chaudry

    The rolex watch arrived very quickly. The watches were exactly how they were described on the site.

  47. ZtHennyfur

    the beautiful watch and the excellent shipping

  48. ZjJason M.

    I love this watch…xoxo

  49. VeCharles EC Smith

    Nice rolex Overseas Chronograph (49150/000A-9745), I will introduce this watch to my friends, really awesome…

  50. OkIsmael Sanchez

    My wife loves this watch. The photographs on the product page really don’t do it justice. It is chunky, but in the photos it looks almost like a man’s watch. In real life, it’s much more feminine, because you see a lot more of the band, even on narrow wrists. We had one link removed so it would fit her properly, and it looks really good.

    It is a heavy, substantial watch, and unlike a lot of fashion watches with designer names attached to them, it looks worth every penny of the $700 asking price. If you’re used to light watches, prepare for a little arm fatigue.

    Despite the lack of markings and the gold-on-gold color scheme of the face, it’s easy to read, with very little obscuring the view of the face.

    The only contentious part is the crystal: you’ll either love it, or think it’s a little too ostentatious. Also, this isn;t a dress-down watch. It looks a little silly with jeans and a t-shirt, unless you have plenty of other heavy jewelry to balance it out.

  51. ViChindele

    Does run a little top-heavy – large watch even with link out. Be prepare for watch face sliding around. Bracelet is pretty enough that it looks good that way, but be careful of scratching.Not recommended for small wrists.

  52. Qbjorge orfali

    I returned this only become it didn’t flatter my skin tone.It is HIGH QUALITY!HIGH FASHION!GREAT JOB ADRIENNE!

  53. FfLilly

    I bought the watchsaving ‘s seller is but unfortunately not see the warranty card where

  54. ExSherlie

    I have been looking for a nice watch that I can wear anywhere and I found it for a lot less with this TAG Heuer watch. I can wear it with bum-around shorts, or with a nice dress out to dinner. It also looks nice accompanied by a braclet.

  55. Lcmontserrat

    The Rolex Submariner 18K Blue Dial has earned a spot on BoldList’s Top 5 Rolex Watches list!Pros:- Oyster 18k solid gold band- Sapphire crystal to protect against scratches- Rolex automatic movementCheck out the rest of the list before making a purchase:

  56. UeRice Lee

    This is an amazing TAG Heuer Carrera watch, I will buy it again, 5 stars…

  57. EnCECIL

    It is a very nice rolex Maxi Marine watch with a great appearance. It was much appreciated by the person I gave it to as a present.

  58. BfArreguin

    Good deal Thanks 🙂

  59. Wiveera thumuganti

    good seller thanx again

  60. BfDonovan

    I purchased the aqua rolex Dual Time watch. It is absolutely exquisite and looks fantastic. Just a word of caution: the face on the watch is quite large, so it might not be right for a more petite woman. I’m 5’9 and it’s a great size for me.

  61. UvJ D burrell Jr

    Great watch. Looks great and well made.

  62. Gotr

    I am a watcholic. This TAG Heuer watch is wonderful It has a good weight to and is very well made. I did strick it rich.

  63. FnCliente de

    fast shippping

  64. EyJoanette Rosario

    I got this rolex watch two weeks ago, becasue one of my expensive watch needs to change a battery cost me some money and up I decied to get a watch no needs to change battery. Even tho this is not the watch I really like. But at least I NEVER needs to change battery. Super Nice and Less Trouble.

  65. BaShane A

    cute product, great price, fast shipping.

  66. VyShane Allen

    Love it, great flexability with band, and I also had a ton of compliments on it. They all want one…

  67. Ne8

    I love the humor the watch gives off.. being orange.. great for people who have a sense of humor who are work-a-holics!!! My boyfiend uses it for casual dress.. or even when he going out dressed metro.. it really stands out with the orange square face!!

  68. IrWanda Polley

    I ve been in the market for a automatic watch for a while. I ve seen others that were very gaudy. this watch is a good value stylish watch. I put on in and runs great and looks great.

  69. AaStefanie Smith

    I was a little hesitant with this purchase since it was my very first time buying a watch on the internet. But I am most pleased with my purchase. The watch looks better in person! It is shinier and exactly what I was looking for. The delivery was very prompt and the transaction smooth. I am very satisfied with it.

  70. XqLinda Yelvington

    I am very pleased with the purchase of this watch. I bought it to be used as a dI’ve watch only; however, once I recieved it and put it on I have not taken it off of my wrist. This rolex watch is very stylish and can be worn anywhere or with anything. It also works very well as a dI’ve watch also.

  71. Aapaul jackson

    As stated this is a rolex watch for a big man and my big man loves it. The band did pop off once but was easy to fix.Good looking watch. Runs well.

  72. Dtsamalakondaiah

    I love anything leopard and I thought this watch was nice on tv, but when I got it it was more than nice. It looks very custom and expensive!

  73. XuDelacruz

    I had no problems and it was fast shipping. I wish there were instructions on how to shorten the watch band.

  74. AmAndrade

    The TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 (WV211AFC6203) is awesome, I like this beautiful watch, really worthwhile…

  75. RrDiego Benitez

    amazingly fast!!

  76. VwDrew

    I gave watch to my mother for a birthday gift, she loves it thanks alot.

  77. AaKenneth brewer

    Nice rolex watch, it works well and has good performance, great value for money

  78. AxEvelyn

    This is a good buy but the arm band was too small. It didn’t state what size the band is so I assumed that it would be standard adult. In the description of the merchandise they should inform the buyer what the action size is or at least state if it’s a men’s or teenager or state a wrist size. other than that it is a good buy for the price.

  79. LkJoe Longpre

    Beautiful looking replica watch that keeps time excetionally well. Chronograph is acurate and easy to use, as is the alarm. Typical well built Seiko body and, although the strap feels a little lightweight, the watch feels of fairly good quality on the wrist.

  80. DeRodriguez

    Big…Real BIG…But very nice.If you like something different this is it…..As far as the durability can’t say as yet…..I would do it again because I like that it is so defferent.

  81. EnJairo A.

    I really love this TAG Heuer Carrera watch, because it is very unique with the floating crystals, and can be dressed up or down to wear with anything.

  82. CcJazzmyng Dones

    The rolexwatch is great,the price was great and it was delivered right on time.I am very happy with it.I would recommend this purchase to anyone.

  83. OrDjonivi N.

    I really like the way this TAG Heuer watch looks on my wrist. It is very distinctive and I LOVE IT!!

  84. XqJose Mazariego

    I love this rolex watch. I ordered the mint and I love the color, it’s such a great watch and the price is excellent.

  85. TaChris Weber

    Got this rolex T-Sport watch as a present for my wife. When it arrived I looked at it and was very pleased. My wife loves it, and it really looks great on her wrist. We hope it will prove to be an accurate as well as stylish timepiece.

  86. XnN. Mwakasege

    Buy this watch! Its the best watch in the current Rolex lineup. Its the one i wear everyday and i could literally wear anyone one i want. If You are thinking about buying this Rolex GMT Master II Black Dial Stainless Steel Mens Watch 116710BLNR – think no more. Its cool, its stylish, and it fits great. The only negative thing i can say about it is that they are hard to find new at dealers. There is way more demand than there is supply. We sell them at Bob’s Watches as fast as we list them on the site. Check out our current Rolex GMT Batman’s for sale at and to read and learn more.

  87. VmMamadou Salane

    I am very happy with my new watch and will recommend anyone to buy it.

  88. TgBryan Vinzant

    A really good service for a very cheap price

  89. WiChristian l.

    It looks even better in person!

  90. ReCharles EC Smith

    Exactly what I ordered fast delivery with no flaws. Highly recommend seller!

  91. Qxsuleiman k.

    I have been looking for a more durable watch that is not manly, fits my small wrists but does what the mens’ watches do. This is it. It is still pretty, but fits the bill. I think I am really going to get attached to it.

  92. MmJean Stivers

    Firstly, I concur with all the comments made by others on this comment page. I have owned a Submariner for the last twenty four years. My first was without a date, but my work situation required me to always refer to the date and time continuously throughout the day and it became an irritation having to find out or forgetting. I traded it in on a date and there was no loss in the trade in after two years. I really liked the, without date, as it is a prettier watch and less ostentatious. It kept very perfect time like a quartz. The date has been useful in my career in forensic analyst, where date time is critical. But since I have retired and my eyesight has deteriorated, I have no longer have a need for the date and need glasses to see it now. I would like to go back to owning a plain one again and wish I had kept my original one. It would have been a great investment if nothing else. These days I seldom bother to set the date when I let it stop. I have never had it serviced in twenty years and it works perfectly and looks like new. I should perhaps consider sending it in some time. I still use a cheap quartz for mucking about. But always use a the submariner when scuba diving, for travel and as a dress watch. Its reliability is incredible.

  93. UgDavid Qualls

    The watch is quite lovely and very light weight. It is easy to wear and will go with many outfits. However, the clasp sticks. I can’t open it with my fingers and must use a tweezers to pop it open. But, I like the watch enough to use the tweezers!

  94. Jjoz

    use this watch daily,accurate&confortable,priced well below its atributes.

  95. XtTerry Williams

    This is such a really beautiful piece, for those of you other collectors. It is a spectacular example of what Heidi Daus does best. The color, the subtle design, classic and beautiful.

  96. CaStefanie Smith

    Very good looking rolex watch. Experience with this brand shows it to keep good time and to be sturdy. Can be worn every day but looks good enough for dressy occasions. I would have liked a date magnification window for my older eyes, but other than that it is perfect.

  97. PfJonathan Dahl

    I purchased the gold and it is SPECTACULAR! I thought it might look cheap, but just the looks like money! This is the first rolex PRC 200 Automatic Chronograph Black Rubber (T0554271705700) watch that inspired me to switch from silver to gold…look out now!

  98. UhKhia

    I needed a backup for my Rolex while it is getting maintenance. It does the job!

  99. RnChuck D.

    Low quality watch from a high quality designer. It looks cheap and something that a child would wear. Very disapointed with this purchase and I sent it right back to HSN. HSN has a terrfic return policy: THANK-YOU!!

  100. PrTom

    good for the price.

  101. OrDaniel H.

    very good everything !! thank you!

  102. CeBillWeasley

    Amazing Watch

  103. ExDonovan Sparkes

    Product works great but different colors than shown

  104. DxD

    Absolutely gorgeous watch!!!!


    I thought wearing a nice watch was just too self indulgent. Father’s day arrived and my kids (wife) bought the Tag Heuer Aquaracer for me. I am very happy – quite nice but not too ostentatious.

  106. WwKevin Emery

    Nice watch. I got this watch for the vibrating alarm so as to not wake my wife. It works well for that but I actually liked it and wear it during the day also.

  107. GaKevin Truong

    I just got this rolex Maxi Marine Diver Black Dial Black Rubber Men’s 63-10-3R-92 watch and couldn’t wait to pair it with my Paula Abdul leather and crystal knock-out on my other wrist. I am almost too much for myself. I said ‘almost. This watch is gorgeous. Yes, a tad large as I have a 6 1/2 wrist but I will be creative and make it work. Thanks VW, you have done it again!

  108. OhDaniel J

    date is REALLY tiny. T)

  109. PfE. Stevens

    Everything is OK, five star service, Tks!

  110. RkRoberto Roman

    I love this TAG Heuer watch. I was afraid it would be too big and quot;hotquot; on my wrist, but it isn’t Great look.

  111. Dt8

    Nice quality watch. Very comfortable to wear bracelet. Luxuryfreeshop was also great as the seller.

  112. GmDiane

    I am quite pleased with this rolex Traditionnelle Calibre 2755 Platinum Silver (80172/000P-9589) watch. It looks great on the wrist, like a piece of jewelry and not a wrist watch. With an easy to read face it can be casual or dressy depending on your attire. The only thing is that I must have a jeweler remove 2 links on the wristband for a better fit. All in all, a great watch for the price.

  113. TaVFABS

    The alarm is not nearly loud enough. You can only hear it in a very quiet room and definitely only if you are already awake.


    I just got this outstanding watch as a wedding gift and it is an absolute gorgeous piece (yes I am a lucky and very happy man!!). It came in a beautiful wooden box and when I opened it, it felt like opening a treasure chest. My heart stop beating when my eyes landed on it. There is no word to describe how stunning the watch is. My first impression was the sapphire glass with double anti-reflective glare which stunned me. It made the black dial even more appealing. If you like high end watches, with a sporty look but in the same time want to show off when dressed up (yes I am the type of guy who think you can wear rubber band watch with a suit especially this one!) this is the watch to own. The rubber band feels amazingly comfortable as well as practical with the Push button bracelet strap. I was torn between this one and the CAV5185.FT6020 but ultimately all black wasn’t for me. I like the watch to stand out a little and what more can you do with metal shiny case and bezel, black dial with a black rubber band. I am so very happy to own this masterpiece especially when I see this “affordable” price compare to an “Hublot” which in my opinion looks too bulky to make it a “fine” watch to wear although a lot of people will disagree. One of the reasosn why I went for the rubber band is that I will avoid all scratches on the metal bracelet (I own a link and you will get it scratch no matter how well you try to maintain it) and also I feel like leather gets dirty quick and needs a “for sure” replacement after 2 years. With the rubber band, you avoid the scratches, it is the 2nd longest in terms of durability after the metallic’s and I just think with rubber you can wear it almost anytime (casualy, dressing up).A must own if you love Tag Heuer and especially if you like me are amazed by the quality/price as well as the technology innovation (caliper balance and first watch ever capable of measuring 1/100th of a second). Well done Tag Heuer!

  115. VwSenior Lele

    I love this rolex watch for the price I paid for it was an great deal. Not only that but,it’s a great watch with the brown leather band. I love how the large numbers are featured. I know that Timex makes great watches and I am sure to enjoy this one for a long time. Just wish I had gotten the one with an black band.

  116. ZjSyed Hamza

    BEAUTIFUL!!! I love my watch! So classy, but elegant and made like all the other Movado watches.

  117. BoChrystal

    I bought this watch for my Mother-in-Law for Christmas so I don’t personally use it but it had a very nice appearance and very pleased initially; since then my Mother-in-Law has done nothing but compliment how nice the rolex GMT Perpetual Silver Dial 18kt Rose Gold Black Leather Men’s 326-22 watch is. She likes the easy to read dial while still having a lot of style.

  118. QwMonica

    A+++++++++++ transaction!

  119. QwKassandra

    Great looking watch. Only negative is that dead skin stays on the bracelet

  120. IrJonathan velez

    Rolex wasn’t on my list of watches at first. But, after talking to some friends who had Submariners, I changed my mind. They talked about the overall quality. Time is accurate. Durability is incredible. They’ve all gone years without servicing (don’t know if that’s good for the watch or not) and they just keep on working. I’ve had a few other automatic watches (don’t want to bash those brands) and didn’t get the accuracy or durability I wanted. Ablogwatch wrote a great little blog on 10 things to know about how Rolex makes watches. This helped me solidify my choice of Rolex. Rolex is just crazy obsessed with quality. I know that overall Rolex isn’t viewed as cool or hip and maybe my age has made me warm up to them. I decided on a sports watch vs the traditional Rolexes (although I am warming up to how they look too). I also wanted a big watch. This led to the Deep Sea (vs the Submariner). The Sea Dweller was a thought, but then I decided “go big or go home.” I was going to get the black model, but when I heard (and saw) the blue dial, I felt it was worth a look.My requirements…*Accurate*Durable*Easy to find service*Good looking (enough)*BigWhat I like…*The Blue Dial – I know many don’t like the dial, but I do. The blue really shows in the bright light. Indoors you can hardly tell it’s blue on top. The green letters bug some folks alot, but I’m OK with it. It’s a little different. I like being a little different (Which is why I didn’t just go for the Submariner instead of this beast).*904L – Current Rolex models with the 904L stainless steel have a “new” quality look that doesn’t fade.*Bezel: The ceramic bezel doesn’t scratch easily and shines. It turns smoothly.*Accurate – Runs a couple of seconds or so slow a day. I’d rather it run fast, but I’ll get it adjusted on day.*Illumination: In the dark, it has a great glow, but not so much that it’s disturbing.*Size: It’s big. Maybe too big for some. Especially the height. I have issues sometimes with buttoning shirts cuffs. And, I thought I’d hit it against things a lot (but I haven’t).*Bracelet – The glidelock lets you adjust the band in very small increments. In addition there’s a wet suit adjustment.*Overall Look – It shines and always looks new. I get a lot of compliments. I’ve notice people staring at it in meetings. Normally, people will glance. But, I notice people staring. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, you’ll have to adjust.*Authenticity Logo – It has the logo lasered into the crystal at 6 oclock. It’s cool to look at. But, you need to really work hard to see it. May need loupe or magnifying glass. Bright light is best. You could see it with the naked eye with bright light.What I don’t like…*Bezel – It has a little give when you press down. I thought it would be stiffer. Not that big a deal. It turns so smoothly that it does rotate a click or two off of 12 oclock many times a day.*Bracelet – When the Glide Lock is neither all the way out or in, it scratches an internal portion of the bracelet.*Dial – For it’s size (44mm), I wish they would have made the dial bigger. I think the extra 4mm comes from the “Original Gas Escape Value” ring and that the dial is same diameter as the Submariner.Overall, I think it’s great. I love this watch. I could barely afford it and I don’t dive, but, I’m ecstatic that I bought it. I wear almost all the time….to bed, in the shower (it is waterproof)…always.

  121. PaBeauty

    The package does not look good. Hope it is certified products.

  122. KhLilly

    My husband bought this rolex watch for me and I couldn’t be happier. It’s light and feels & looks great on. I love that you never have to replace a battery!

  123. OqChrissy

    I wear the watch everyday! I get comments ILove your watch alot. It is very stylish. Fossil is a great brand!

  124. YkElijah

    Perfect. Best Tag yet!!!

  125. FkDyal

    My rolex T-Trend watch is perfect. I love the shape of the face and the smart looking black leather strap. The numbers are a wee bit smaller than I expected, but still fine. The watch arrived very quickly and in excellent condition. This watch is exactly what I wanted, comfortable, pretty, multipurpose, and a great price.

  126. LcNick B

    The watch arrived next day as promised. It’s a beautiful watch. The problem I have is that the band is extremely small. I have large but not super large wrists and I couldn’t get it past my first knuckle. I had to return for a refund.

  127. XjMatthew

    looks better in real. love it. guys asked to buy it for themselves also. would buy again. I need to have patience with clasp closure and wear my reader glasses when putting watch on. LOL. can be a unisex item.

  128. HfGarth N.

    I got this for my boyfriend to replace his broken Fossil watch until I get it fixed. He was happy to get this for Xmas since he really needed a new watch.

  129. OiVijay

    I owned a tag heuer quite awhile ago but swiftly moved on to the other premium luxury brands. While there were several Omega and Rolex that I enjoyed, the Monaco kept calling to me.Mine came from an authorized dealer instead of Amazon, but the only difference is who covers the warranty, tag or Amazon.I won’t review all the features that make this the perfect reissue to the original in the 70s as there are many articles covering that, but I love the matte blue dial and of course the dramatic square case. It is the only Heuer I would buy, and almost didn’t since I don’t care for what they are doing in other models, but I am glad I did. It is more stunning in person for sure. I also love that they moved the crown to the left as the original was and also used the vintage #34;Heuer#34; branding on the dial and clasp instead of the newer #34;tag Heuer#34;.Oh, and if you are worried about the 39mm don’t be fooled because since it is square it wears larger than you think. To put it into perspective I find a sub to be to small, and a Pelagos to be the minimum and almost optimum size. It actually wears like the Pelagos size wise, at least in my opinion. I will try to upload a pic of it on my 6.75-7#34; wrist.

  130. RnJames Phibbs

    My Movado watch arrived today and I excitedly tried it on. The simplicity of its design and the elegance of its appearance appealed to me. However, it looked fairly large. When I tried it on I was disappointed by how large it was. It completely overtook my wrist and hand. I thought it might work for a man but with the crystal on the front, it appeared somewhat feminine. I was also a little disappointed with the face as it had no numbers and would prove difficult to tell exact time. In my line of work I need to keep exact track of time and not approximate. I knew this watch would not fit my needs.

    On the positive side, it is very attractive and would work well for a large-boned female. It has heft and feels quite sturdy. It is immersible to depths up to 100 feet and could be a nice asset for someone who likes to look suave when they swim or tan on a yacht.

    I was really looking forward to getting a new watch, one that I could wear daily and enjoy. This is not the right watch for me.

  131. YkAmezone


  132. CeBry s

    I’d been looking for a watch to buy my boyfriend for his birthday for quite some time. I ordered the rolex Traditionnelle Openworked (43178/000G-9393) watch and when I received it in the mail, it exceeded my expectations. The watch is absolutely beautiful and seems sturdy and well made. When I gave it to my boyfriend, he obviously felt the same, he was ecstatic! He says compliments are never ending.

  133. DxMike

    I have had this watch for only 2 days but it looks really nice. I hope it works as it looks it could be.

  134. JnRigoberto soto

    Absolute love the rolex Dual Time watch however, did like the initials on the top. It makes the watch look inexpensive

  135. QgShanmukheswar

    Overall, the look of the rolex T-Trend watch is what I expected. I wanted a casual watch to wear with jeans and khakis on the weekends. It is very comfortable and lightweight because of the plastic casing, which I didn’t expect. But, considering the low price, it is still a value.

  136. EzCali Folk

    Shipped Super Fast!

  137. Ch8

    okay, i haven’t worn this timepiece yet so can’t speak to its functionality, but i almost don’t care – it’s GORGEOUS! from strap to stem. thanks diane!

  138. ZtEllen D.

    Love it, i will buy again – thanks!

  139. BzExtremely

    Beautifull watch it comes with all new plastics on it for protection.

  140. AmClair

    This came on 2-28, very timely, thanks a lot

  141. ZeLena Arp

    WOW This is the best watch I ever have in my live its so simple and powerfull. Looks much bater in life.

  142. MrHarbour

    This is a great sporty watch. It is actually the largest face watch that I own. Even larger than the Planet Ocean XL. It is thin and light, and quartz powered. It has a simple and basic design, but looks fantastic with the white strap. It only tells the time, and nothing else. I like wearing this watch when I wear shorts and a T-shirt. It is super casual and looks great for Summer. I am a large 5’7" male and this watch looks fitting on my wrist. It doesn’t have any flashiness to it, but gets the right kind of attention. Great watch to add to your collection and rotate with your outfits.

  143. LkJunior

    A++++++++, thanks very much

  144. SvJairo A.

    I had this rolex Métiers d'Art Florilège Tulip Boutique ( 82650/000G-9918) watch for about 6 months before the leather straps broke loose and was unable to wear after that. Good looking watch, loved it why i had it.

  145. Katherine McLean

    quality, service, package, everything is very good!

  146. EyJose Manriquez

    This is a pretty rolex Lady Heart MOP Diamond (T0502071611600) watch and I love the vintage style, but in my opinion it’s not worth the full price. I will wait until it goes on sale and maybe I will purchase it again.

  147. CtJudith

    I bought this for my Wife , she loves it.

  148. LxDaniel K Crotty

    Watch is superb time piece…..only thing I can even think about for a complaint.??……strap felt a little …hmm…??.flimsy??………did I say amazing technology in this watch?!

  149. GmPlasticaddict808

    It’s a sweet heart, all of the detailing is a phenomenal has a great weight to it, the steel feels fantastic to the touch, especially on wrist. Mine was directly from Amazon so I can’t speak to the trustworthiness of other suppliers but never the less this model is great. I already have a Speedmaster Moon Watch, and Plant Ocean both of which are higher end so I was expecting this to be a little lower quality, but not at all it’s phenomenally done.

  150. SvWarrior

    This Citizen Eco-Drive is exceptional! It is a beautiful watch, and the only drawback involves the directions for correct settings. They are somewhat confusing.

  151. Qvevelyn aldea


  152. AjVFABS

    thanks!!! nice!!!!

  153. OiChindele

    It is absolutely gorgeous! It looks amazing with everything from jeans to suits!! I am absolutely in love with it !!!

  154. ViMascarenhas

    My husband got me this for Christmas. Very charming. The pictures do not do this justice.

  155. AjDelia Vázquez

    This is the way a pendant watch should be done! You flip the piece and you can see the time in the correct way instead of twisting the piece to see the time. I hope other designers will learn from this! Excellent time piece and clean design!

  156. GqDaniel J

    The calfskin watchband is very versitile with the use of the quick change pins. It is very easy to swithch out, and even comes with an extra buckle!

  157. XcEdwardo H

    The chocolate gold faced rolex Métiers d'Art watch looked so rich on TV, but when it arrived the brown color is washed out. I returned it immediately.

  158. BaGayla H.

    Great craftsmanship, beautiful watch!

  159. OhBillWeasley

    not only is it good for telling time but its so stylish people know its a watch but always ask.. what is that!?

  160. Lvpranjal

    I wear the watch everyday! I get comments ILove your watch alot. It is very stylish. Fossil is a great brand!

  161. Fnyoli


  162. BuChindele

    Even better in person. Absolutely best value.Perfect Christmas gift! If you like quot;heartsquot; this is for you!

  163. PuSherlie

    I love this rolex T-Sport watch. This watch is great! The strap is comfortable, the hands are easy to read and the sparkles look really nice. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it already and I just got it this morning.

  164. GaRosales


  165. VeWalter Burghardt

    wow awesome watch and it works perfectly. Thks

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